This is my opportunity to help you understand why you should read my work.  I’m a trained software engineer with a ferocious appetite for entrepreneurship, marketing, and business automation!

I’ve spent my career developing strategies for businesses that allow small groups of people to gain huge success with MINIMAL busy work.



 “Its fair to say in business most problems can be solved by more sales. The key to more sales is better marketing”

Hi! I'm Daniel Parker, lets get started.

I came up in a home where the concept of work was instilled very early by my father. His belief was that through hard work most tasks later in life would seem trivial because that was how he was brought up.  In most cases he presented me with situation where the tools and resources were limited to test and train my ability to improvise and overcome.  Where other children played during the summer I was given stacks of books on war, expected to deliver analysis pieces and book reports weekly as part of my developmental process.

I got my first job in technology play testing a popular turn based RTS game in 2003 for a local development studio. Each night after school I would spend countless hours writing hundreds of bug reports to help the team make their release.

These human monsters worked day and night tirelessly with tents in the office to meet deliverable for the benefit of the common group.  By the time my internship has ended I knew I had to work in technology and I wanted to work with people like these creative titans.

Rise of Nations - Big Huge Game Studio

Moving forward I began my journey into entrepreneurship starting a number of small companies while I pursued my degree in computer science.

  • Hosting
  • E-Sports Gaming Training
  • Music Event Marketing

After graduating with my degree in computer science, I took a job working in a start up working on enterprise part systems for grocery and auto parts stores.

Then things got crazy!

  • I learned that most large retailers didn’t track their inventory in real time.
  • We built technology for people that paid every week to receive books of stickers that had to be placed on shelves.
  • They entered promotions and pricing with armies of data entry staff.
  • The only way these businesses knew how many items they had was by counting every product in the store several times a month.
  • Their technology was so old it out dated color monitors.

There had to be a better way!

The world of ecommerce came calling, with solutions to all of the problems of the modern retailer.  I brought along my skills as a engineer, while learning the techniques to successful sales and marketing in the modern world. The technology was bleeding edge, the people were insanely dedicated and talented and it quickly defined itself as the most advanced battle field in business. I was hooked! A decade of experience later I’ve come to share my techniques and discuss the strategies that lead to my greatest successes and failures in business.

The articles you read here should be used to build your business, expand your customer base and help your team do more with less people. I’ve put in the time, research and effort to bring you my best and latest strategies that can be modeled into your existing business to drive success.

Daniel's Bio

Daniel is an American software engineer, marketer and entrepreneur with several B2B focused businesses.   His eCommerce business focuses around software solution consulting in the small and medium business and he has consulted with thousands of businesses on developing technology to grow their business.  Daniel is a fully certified Google Adwords specialist and the creator of the PLA optimization tool Feed Doctor and the new Category Tree app, Categories by BTP app, available now in the shopify app store.  His companies offer merchant services, Software & hardware, IT managed Services, extended protection plan apps, Chat and SMS solutions, Custom development for business automation, marketing and social amplification solutions.   His current interest revolves around building SMS based businesses in the eCommerce space.