Yappy.im Implements IBM Watson AI to super power unified customer communication

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Today, Yappy.im brings the power of IBM Watson to the business communication market.  The recent announcement by Yappy dramatically marks the most recent evolution in businesses using cognitive AI systems.  There’s been a lot of news in the last year about IBM Watson and its business applications with cognitive analysis.  During the Super Bowl H&R block announced how it is using Watson to improve the tax returns of their customers.   Businesses everyone rejoice at the news that IBM Watson’s cognitive analysis artificial intelligence has brought new super powers to the client communication market through the Yappy.im unified communications platform.

Yappy.im the difference in unified business communication

From the beginning having ground breaking features has been critical to the users of Yappy.im.  The ability to communicate with your customers where they are was the base premise of this ground breaking platform.  Businesses using Yappy.im are making a great shift towards implementing SMS instead of phone calls, talking to their customers through their website with web hat and connecting with customers directly through Facebook Messenger.  With the emergence of messaging dominating the standard phone call center model businesses are able to achieve more with with smaller leaner teams from anywhere at any time.   Yappy announced today  the implementation of this ground breaking feature bringing the power of the IBM Watson artificial intelligence to business communication for front.

What does IBM Watson’s Cognitive Analysis bring to Yappy’s User base?

With each conversation on any communication channel users will be able to measure their response against how the customer will respond based on hundreds of data points collected by IBM Watson in REAL TIME.  Yes, REAL TIME.  You type a message, and based on what IBM Watson knows about this customer your response will be graded before you send it for its effectiveness in generating a better customer service experience.   Everyone has a customer service super star at their company, with this new feature all of your customer service agents will have super powers at their fingertips with live coaching directly from a super computer. A super computer that has measured the responses of messages across billions of compiled conversations.


Here is an example of the real-time analysis in action. The intended reply is consumed and let Yappy + IBM Watson analyze the message:

IBM Watson and Yappy.im

You can see that the message is likely to be interpreted negatively since the staff member is exhibiting anger and tentativeness. Let’s re-write the message to something more concrete and less aggressive and see how the new message is perceived by Watson’s analysis.

yappy.im implements IBM Watson

What does this mean for the Yappy Customer?

IBM Watson’s AI reads Yappy.IM’s unique background and social lookup data on each customer to create its base decisions going into new conversations using the Hartman Personality Profile scoring system. IBM Watson grades every interaction and response with a customer and further develops the effective responses with that customer. Yappy using Watson grades your staff on their effectiveness on each color profile and customer conversation.   Yappy surveys the customer to determine how satisfied they were with the communication allowing greater servicing in the future.  IBM Watson and Yappy Reviews work together to pair each customer with the staff member best suited to communicate on their level. This feature set creates a personalized relationship between the customer and the business that constantly improves no matter where they communicate with the business.

Imagine having the immediate knowledge of of your customers political views, household income, psychological profile and home address with every conversation. Yappy.IM feeds Watson with all of this data including the social profile data tied to that given users.  Businesses can now segment all available information available within Yappy.im to add super targeting to their marketing campaigns.


What does this mean for the business owner?

As any business owner knows, training quality customer service agents is a critical element of success.  With the power of IBM Watson grading every customer service experience businesses are able receive never before available to tune their experience process.  Yappy and IBM Watson works together to train your customer service agents with real time suggestions on their responses. The training of new agents has never been more efficient.


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