Extract your customers facebook profile with this simple trick

In business, attracting more customers is simply a matter of getting the right information in front of people like your customers.  The most modern method of finding customers like your current customers is to generate a facebook audience.  Many businesses stray away from facebook because they don’t assume it has any real b2b value. That is false! Lets dig into how we take your list of emails and get the facebook profiles of your customers.

None of my customers emails are facebook emails!

Not a problem, through this process we’re going to explain how we capture those profiles into an audience.  Its as simple as adding a facebook pixel to a special page just for existing customers and shooting out an email.  You’ll have a better open rate if the messages are from your staff and if your message is relevant.   The Guerrilla tactic here is to make the image valuable but simple to disseminate.  Examples ” Hi James, I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of our letter to the mayor.”

How many do I need?

Your goal is 1000 profiles in the list.  Once you get to that number you’ll have a pretty exact target of your customer list.  When selecting customers to add to this lists is best to segment them by demographic ahead of time so that you have a tight grouping of like customers.  For example, if you have B2B clients that work for companies that make 10 million or more, these should be valued separately then small business customers.

Create your look a like audience

Once you have this you’re all set.  You’ve got a way of targeting people just like your customers with videos, surveys, images, text ads, facebook messages and a whole host of other direct advertising options.   Use this method to narrow customers with similar traits in your current market and expanding markets.  Want to do business in nearby countries? Your look-a-like audience can take you there.  The more data you feed this process the more potential customers you can extract.

The traditional way

Companies will pay 10’s of thousands of dollars to generate this list through paid advertising never realizing the answer was in front of them all along.  Through this methodology its 100% free to your team and requires some basic web skills to set up the pixel, and send out the email.



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