Shopify Plus costs go up February 1st 2017 with new Rev-Share pricing

The Shopify Plus team has been making strides in 2017 making a sweeping change in the way Shopify Plus stores are charged.  Shopify Plus store owners are in for a shock as the Shopify Plus team opts for a rev-share cost model.  Although this change comes as a surprise to many store owners it is still considerably less then the percentages charged by their competitors Bigcommerce and Demandware.

A comparison of one store’s pricing shows its current plan running at 1500 dollars a month would see a new rate of $10,000 dollars monthly on the new plan if they created a new shopify plus account after February 1st.

Here is the information you need to know

For all new Shopify plus accounts joining after February 1st 2017
Shopify will now take a percentage of gross revenue from all plus stores with a cap at 196 million dollars.
Percentage of Gross Revenue : .25%

Shopify will impose a transaction fee to all stores NOT using shopify payments.
Percentage of all credit card transactions not on shopify payments: .15%

Additionally there will be some new minimums. Shopify plus moving forward will have a minimum at 2000 a month.

Questions asked:
If transactions are entered into shopify are they counted in gross revenue? Yes
If we use the amazon channel to sell products is that counted in the gross revenue?  Yes

Is there a grand fathering plan? Yes

These plans will be offered on a case by base basis by the Shopify Plus team after the expiration of the current contract. The plans come in the following format:

Please keep in mind the below transaction fees only apply to merchants not using shopify payments.

Year 1 : 2000 minimum
Year 2: Some increase + the .15% Transaction Fee
Year 3: Further Increase + .15% Transaction Fee
year 4 and beyond : Flat rate + .15% Transaction fee  with no rev-share.    We have gotten clarification on this from the shopify plus team. 



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