how to convert custom collections to smart collections in shopify

At some point you might have to face down the task of converting your standard custom collections to smart collections in Shopify.  This is a quick easy guide to accomplish that with minimal effort.

Set up your new smart collection

  • Create your collection and copy the description and meta data from your old collection.
  • Make sure to use the same name.
  • Once its created there will be a -1 on the end of the URL. Remember this you will have to come back and change it later.
  • Add a unique tag for this collection lets call it “collection1”

Next you need to extract the products from your old collection

Open the custom collection

An easy way to accomplish this is to obtain the original custom collection id from the URL bar of the edit page:


Go to the products page and append “?collection_id=<id>” with the id number.

Here you will see all of the products in the custom collection and you may select all and add the tags in bulk for them to appear on the new smart collection. 


Finally transfer the final properties

  1. Change the url of your old custom collection and save it.
  2. Change the url of your new smart collection to your old collection url.
  3. Transfer your description, meta fields and any collection image assigned from your old custom collection to your new smart collection.
  4. Check to make sure your new smart collection is listed at the correct url.
  5. [WARNING: CHECK ALL DETAILS FIRST] Delete the old collection to avoid any duplicate content down ranking.

If all was done well, the new smart collection will look exactly like your old custom collection at the same URL with the same image, description and products.  Its important to make sure you follow ever step before deleting your old collection and you don’t want to leave your old collection sitting around. It can create issues with your site map and indexing.

Currently this is the only way to move custom collections to smart collections in Shopify. You may want to consider this as you ad features like menu hierarchies or filter menus.   This solution was created by the Business Tech Pro development team in the creation of the Categories by BTP shopify app.



  • Woo Refugee
    January 8, 2017

    Does Shopify cost much to run? I use WooCommerce myself, but they have really irritated me lately. I recently got hit with a HUGE bill for a few plugins I own (without warning). WooCommerce have doubled their prices by 50 on all annual extension renewals – without notifying their beloved customers! Seems pretty odd. Nevertheless, I am currently looking to jump ship and not sure which shopping cart system to use with our site.


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