Just getting started

The business development community surrounding startups has always been of great interest to me.  When I graduated with my degree in computer science from Neumont University in 2008 I thought anything thing was possible with programming and within a very short amount of time I would be happy out there in the real world building these great things that I was interested in and passionate about.  Reality has harsh way of demystifying the dream scape of young minds and in my case I loved the work but I couldn’t handle the the long hours secluded in dark corner cubicles away from human contact programming 50 hours a week.

My whole life, I’ve been a part time entrepreneur. What is a part-time entrepreneur you may ask?  When I say part time I mean in high school I figured out that instead of waiting for tips at the local pizza joint I could go door to door with fliers selling computer repair services.  My thinking was that it was great to sell to 5-20 table a night for 5 -7 bucks tip a table but the reality was that I was putting out maximum effort and yielding inconsistent returns.  So I began advertising computer repair in hopes that I could make a few small sales and product the same yield.  In a very short amount of time I made more money then I did in the year that I waited tables.

In college to make extra money a friend and I opened a web hosting company.  We on boarded people through word of mouth and got to eat a little bit better than ramen every night for dinner. It wasn’t much but for part time money it was great.  We developed that further by making a online e-sports training site.  That quickly expanded and we made a little bit of money off that as well before my partner dropped out of school.

Later on in my schooling and after college I worked part time with a friend developing marketing software for myspace.  We had some tricks that had everyone in target demographic as a friend on myspace.  We used to joke with our clients that we could walk up to anyone in the 18-24 demographic and state we were friends on myspace then demonstrate that we were.  That process of doing side marketing gigs starting on myspace bloomed into a deeper fascination with marketing and entrepreneurship.

Shortly there after I was pulled to be one of the first employees in a new startup where I got my feet wet with sales, marketing and customer service.  These were learned skills for me, but incredibly valuable and contributed to my development as a future full time entrepreneur.

It would take 7 more years of learning, growth and development before starting this blog to teach the world the tricks, techniques plans I’ve used to build several 8 figure businesses from the ground up.  The lessons taught here can be used in any business to increase sales build automate businesses that can be run with 1/10 of the workforce and produce 10 times the money.

Let’s get started.

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